Seagull in the mountain

Hunger, which overtook us on a recent visit to Marilog, the summer capital of Davao City, took us to this mountain resort which has been earning its niche in the tourism industry.Seagull mountain resort is about an hour and a half ride away from Davao city proper, untamed beauty of nature that gives you a feeling of floating in the skies after fog envelops you especially in the early mornings or late afternoons and visibility point is reduced to two meters around you.

While waiting for our order of half a serving of fried chicken garnished with chicharon, a pot of sinabaw na lapu-lapu and kinilaw, friend Manny and I took the chance to go for a quick tour around the cool resort.Seagull Valley Cool mountain resort provides guests with a spectacular view of the woodland of Marilog District. Aside from the restaurant, the resort also features a mountain trail, waterfalls, swimming pools, chapel, day and overnight cottages, viewing area and sprawling garden of colorful flowers.
Minutes after lunch, I declared I will not leave the place without going to the waterfalls, so I dragged Manny again to go with me (our other companion Jojo begged off). The waiter said the falls is just some 300 meters away from the restaurant, but I swear it was further. Remind me again and yet again never to trust distances gauged by pointed lips.I was wearing sandals and quiet unprepared for the descent. But when we finally got there, it was worth it.

If you got insufficient time to go to the mountains, Seagull Beach Resort with white sand beach is at your fingertips located at the tip of Punta Dumalag peninsula providing one a breath-taking sight of Mount Apo.It contains a floating restaurant, cottages, overnight facilities, sea slides, picnic huts, seminar halls, children’s playground and aqua sports facilities.Meanwhile, if near Digos City, Seagull in Guihing provides almost the same amenities but with the added attraction of an excellent shooting range for shooting club members. Feel free to call Tel. Nos. 221-5727 or 227-4370 for details and reservations.

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