Igacos escapades

The invitation to join a beachineering activity with the Pundok Habagat-Davao group came at an opportune time, when I had no plans for last weekend.The invitation came packaged with “tempting activities” (spelled as snorkelling, kayaking, cave and falls and island hopping) which would be irresistible to one who always hungers for adventure outside the four walls of the office. So come along and let’s sample some of the delightful places the Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos) has to offer.

Thinking that we would take a tour around the Igacos on board a boat, I was surprised when it was a hired jeepney waiting for us at the Wind and Wave dive shop at Sta. Ana Wharf.”Ay, land tour diay,” I nudged Au-au, who said that she too, thought we were going on an “island” tour.

Into the bat cave
The first on our itirenary was the bat sanctuary in Babak. A few meters from where we parked our vehicle, we heard a commotion coming from under the ground. We followed the direction of the noise and came to our first destination. I will leave you to imagine the smell emanating from the hundreds of thousands of bats, suffice it to say that only a few of us dared to go inside.

Falls-hopping we go
After a short respite at Punta del Sol beach resort where we were to set up camp, the group proceeded to Hagimit Falls, a newly-developed resort accessible by motorcycles (habal-habal) where we partook of our ‘baons’.The group got a taste of spelunking at the Tamborong cave in barangay Tamborong. No bats this time but did not venture far into the cave’s end because only a few of us brought flash lights. Besides, we were not properly-dressed for caving (as in most were wearing slippers..etc).To rinse off the smell of the bats and cave, the group proceeded to Tagbaobo falls in barangay Tagbaobo and had their fill splashing and enjoying a massage from the cascading water of the falls.

Tagbaobo cave is a sight to behold. On one side of the falls is a rocky wall ideal for rapelling (watch for this page in the future for I might go with the same group next month if I gather enough guts and write an article).The second day was spent on the beach swimming, snorkelling and kayaking until everyone got tired and packed up for home.More adventures are being cooked up every month by the Pundok Habagat group.

Feel free to visit Habagat at the second floor of SM Davao and contact Bernarjery “Benjo” Tenchavez, or any of the staff including Eric Rosete, Cliffer Lucilla, Francis Cunanan, Jerson Ray Rayona, Cyril Carrion, Romeo Laruan Jr., Ronald Renosa and Loreta Sacriz.

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