Sunset at the Lighthouse

There’s a certain magnet of this particular lighthouse located at the Southernmost tip of Mindanao that lures me to come back again and again. I’ve been to this place in Cape San Agustin, Governor Generoso early this year but for only a few hours and I do wanted to see the sunset from the lighthouse. Text messages were exchanged between us and the local government unit of Governor Generoso and soon a plan was hatched for an overnight visit to the place.

Two days before we were to leave, Atong Cadiena, personal secretary of GovGen mayor Jerry dela Cerna texted that we will be fetched at 2 a.m! No problem for me but for the whole group it is a problem. Ten of us originally planned to go but first to back out was buddy Michael of the Mindanao Cross in Cotabato, followed by Mai and Rodulph until only only Dennis of Daily Inquirer and I were left. Joey never answered all our text messages and calls.

It was raining and I was so sleepy I began to pray Dennis will also back out but I was wrong. At a quarter to two a.m., he texted he was on his way. I frantically stuffed things into a small backpack and rushed to the meeting place at Magsaysay park but we grew dizzy with the strong smell of durian and no car showed up to fetch us. We finally decided to call it off and went to Jolibee for a very early breakfast but have just barely started when the call came, informing us the car was there for us.I slept through most of the trip to GovGen.

Later that afternoon, a motorcycle took us to the place that bewitched me in the first visit. The three lighthouses stood there as proud as ever, a silent witness to the history of the place where St. Francis Xavier was supposed to have said mass centuries ago. The place was deserted and we seemed to have entered into another time where we were the only ones existing.For the second time I climbed the 93 steps of the spiraling staircase of the old lighthouse, this time minus the dizzying spell that crept up on me as we neared the top the first time I climbed it.
It was exhilarating to be on top of the world where you can see a wide expanse of the sky and sea below. I didn’t want to go down but we had things to do. We had to catch our sunset.Dennis and I looked for strategic positions to catch our sunset on the lens but few minutes before, the sky turned gray and dark, threatening to rain. I was frustrated and desperate to see the sunset from the lighthouse.“Please,” I wished loudly, “just this time let a mixture of colors splash on the sky for the sunset.”And suddenly my wish was granted. It was not the round full sun setting and casting multi-colored silhoutte on the sea that I was dying to catch on the lens but a sunset just the same.
For a few seconds Dennis and I were busily snapping at our cameras, then it was suddenly over. We had to really rush as the road was newly repaired and somewhat difficult to maneuver at night with the motorcycles although the drivers were experts.We slept in an open cottage at Buso-buso beach, some kilometers away from Cape San Agustin, oblivious to the millions of mosquitos that roared in our ears as we were quite tired. A visit to Cape San Agustin is one that will leave memories for any one to treasure. Dr. Reden Bersaldo, tourism officer of GovGen said that plans are underway to develop the area to attract more visitors.“For now, road accessibility is one of our problems but we are hoping this will soon be given enough attention. Other developments will follow.

There are so many wonderful sights in GovGen like caves, waterfalls, superb diving spots, and many others,” Bersaldo said. Getting there:Buses from Davao City to Pundaguitan, Davao Oriental are available daily. From there, you may board a jeepney or habal-habal to Cape San Agustin. Contact Dr. Bersaldo at cellphone # 0915-2878141 for details.

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