Good turnout for Chief Aghurubw’s 40th memorial tribute

AFTER four decades, the zest of the younger generations in paying tribute each year to the Carolinian leader Chief Aghurubw whose remains were buried in the small island of Managaha did not wane.

Chief Aghurubw Foundation president Kodep Ogumoro-Uludong told the Variety that the young people belonging to the clan Jhatoliyool clan were as enthusiastic as ever to come to Managahan each year.

“This year, I’m very happy for the huge turnout,” Ogumoro-Uludong said.

He said that their focus is to strengthen all the 14 branches of the clan and get more participation in the memorial tribute in the years to come.

“We acknowledge our grandfather, Daniel Ogumoro, now 84 years old, who erected the first monument to honor Chief Aghurubw,” Ogumoro-Uludong said. He added that when the chief’s remains were buried, Managaha was considered a sacred land.

He said he was glad families from Rota were able to make the trip this year for the event.

Ogumoro-Ulodong added that the ferries made four trips carrying over 150 passengers on each trip on Saturday to transport passengers to Managaha Island for the memorial tribute.

Father Rey D. Rosal of San Vicente Parish conducted Saturday’s mass in front of Chief Aghurubw’s monument. The event was also attended by Governor Benigno R. Fitial and other leaders.


History states that Chief Aghurubw, together with Chief Nguschul led their people from the Caroline Islands that was ravaged by typhoons in 1815 and resettle on Saipan.

Guests partook of the free island food provided after the mass.

Ogumoro-Uludong said the foundation extends their thanks to the supporters for their generous donations for the annual event which includes David Igitol and Frank Murokani of Tasi Tours, Inc., John McClure of Pacific Subsea, Tony Pellegrino of Saipan Sea Ventures, Juan Pan and other sponsors.

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