Cow Town Beach: Discovering a secret cove

IF you are looking for a long stretch of soft, sandy beach with gentle waves lapping on the shores, it is not the place you are looking for, but this beach located at the very tip of the southern part of Saipan is one of the island’s attractions that continue to draw in both locals and tourists each day.

The remoteness could be one of its added attractions because unlike the other beaches on the island, you have to drive it rough for minutes past the landfill in Marpi and walk the last few meters down before you can get to the beach, or take the more scenic route and walk for an hour or so through the jungles in Banzai Cliff. If you go hiking through the jungle, seeing World War 2 relics scattered along the way, hundreds of butterflies fluttering among the flowers, and hordes of other insects is a pleasant diversion.

Cow Town beach is not your ideal place for a day of fun in the sand. The shores are literally covered with sharp rocks and bushes. It is not a where you can run around or chase its other because you have to carefully pick your way with each step you take.

Huge waves rolling in from the Pacific Ocean produce a thunder-like rumbling each time they slap on the jutting rocks but I find the sound pleasant.

I got the chance to visit Cow Town beach one noontime a few weeks back with a couple of friends. Finding some shade for shelter was a mission impossible in the area. The tide was low so I braved the sharp rocks and ventured into the rocky ledge and discovered a cave-like structure behind some huge rocks.

The secret cove provided us some sort of shelter from the scorching heat and we rested for a few minutes before making our way out of the rocky ledge.

Unmarred by commercialization and the advances of modernization, you can enjoy nature’s best at Cow Town beach.

For years, the beach has made it to the headlines with reports of fishermen drowning or going missing, but the lure of the place is just irresistible. Visit Cow Town beach and see for yourself what this place has to offer.

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