One flight at a time around the world

A JOURNEY around the world begins with a single flight, and no matter if each flight leads them to a local destination or someplace exotic, each traveler returns home rich with experiences and wanting to go for more.

Let us leave the confines of the CNMI islands for now and take a peek at the lifestyles of this elite group of wanderers conquer the world one flight at a time.

Priding themselves as members of America’s Finest Air Travel Club, the Nomads, consisting of a group of over 4,200 people mostly from Michigan leaves a long trail of people who would give anything just to be in their shoes.

For each planned trip, a group of less than a hundred members sign up and leave everything to the trip organizers. The members sit back and relax as the spacious and comfortable Boeing 727-200 which they call as the “flying clubhouse” flies them to interesting destinations around the world.

Members are free to go for optional tours or pursue their own interests once they reach each destination, whether it is in some bustling city, deep in the jungles, in a tropical island paradise, among the ruins of old temples, or any other adventure.

Trip director Judy Mobley told the Variety that each member pays reasonable prices set for each trip, but they get their money’s worth as they travel in style and comfort, enjoying excellent accommodations and transportation and not worrying about anything but to enjoy the trip. Mobley said it’s one of the benefits of being a member of the Nomads club – bask in the adventure of new experiences and endless opportunities and appreciate the art of relaxation and convenience.

Mobley said that for this year, trips have already been arranged for Moscow, Russia; Prague, Czech Republic, Punta Cana; Atlanta, Georgia; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and a quick getaway to the Bahamas.


Back in 1964, a group of Detroit businessmen who shared a common interest in worry-free and convenient flying founded the club as a non-profit organization.

From its 204 charter members, the club expanded to 400 members in 1971. They purchased a 92-passenger prop-jet Lockheed Electra which they used for their first trip around the world in 1973. The Club upgraded to a 146-passenger Boeing Super 727-200 in 1993, which they later reconfigured with 92 comfortable leather business class type passenger seats.

By 2006, the Nomads aircraft had travelled over 9 million air miles in total safety, and the number continues to go up.

Over 50 members of the Nomads visited the CNMI this week as part of their 25-day itinerary to Hawaii, Vietnam, Dubai, Egypt, Turkey and Spain. The group explored the historical sites and visited other tourist attractions in the island.

Pacific Development Inc. was the ground handling agent for the Nomad’s visit while Hyatt Regency Saipan is the host hotel. For more information, please visit



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