i Sagua Spa: Your ideal destination this weekend

KARISU. The bright letters outside the room blinked a cheery welcome as Esmeralda, one of the therapists, opened the door of the room. I was at i Sagua Spa at the Hyatt Regency, stressed and eager to unwind for some precious minutes of relaxing massage.

The room was a dream for someone as stressed as I was. Two massage beds with fresh linens faced clear glass windows with a spectacular garden and lagoon view outside, issuing an irresistible welcome to lie down and relax. Karisu, which I learned later is the Chamorro word for tall bushes or reeds, was the only room with a lagoon view at i Sagua Spa, Esmeralda told me. She directed me to the lockers at the rest room which boasted of a deep round tub, rolls of freshly-laundered cream-colored towels, and told me I could take a shower if I wanted, an offer which I grabbed without hesitation.

I donned on a robe after my quick shower and lay face down on one of the beds, allowing the pleasant scent of plumeria to invade my senses. When Esmeralda started to press my shoulders and back, I gave in to her ministrations and allowed myself to be lulled into total bliss.

This massage blends long gliding stokes with the i Saguá signature scent, Kalachucha, the essence of the fragrant Plumeria flower.

With the long gliding strokes of my therapist’s gifted hands, the soothing music that filled the room, and the fragrant scent of plumeria flower, I was transported into a half-asleep, half-awake stance where I felt all the stress ebbing away from my body and the feeling of total relaxation of the mind and body seeped in.

All too soon, the 40-minute Mariana Island Signature massage treatment was over and I was transported back to reality, refreshed and renewed. Esmeralda served me a hot cup of tea after, and I felt like floating on air as I went out of the room.

Marketing communications and assistant manager Luis Villagomez said that clients can take a refreshing dip at the Jacuzzi right after their massage.

To celebrate this special day, i Saguá Spa is offering three grand treatments, ideal packages that Moms would truly appreciate—the 50-minute Deluxe Caviar Facial, an exquisite anti-aging facial that nourishes the skin with protein rich Caviar, Rose Oil, Green Tea, and Soy Protein to improve elasticity, tone and firmness for – $150; the 40-minute Mariana Island Signature Massage; the 90-minute Mother’s Day Escape Package that allows Moms to feel appreciated and given a chance to escape from the everyday stress for $180, and the foot ritual.

On Mother’s Day, give your mother the best gift she can’t forget at i Sagua Spa under team leader and therapiot Andy Roda, Esmeralda Cruz, Moonyeen Gementiza and the other therapists.

i Sagua Spa is open from 10a.m. to 10 p.m.  every day. All major credit cards accepted. For appointments please call 323-5888 or 234-1234 ext. 35 or visit www.isaguaspa.com for more information.



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