A perfect getaway on Saipan

DRIVING down twisting roads and thick jungles in Talafofo would lead one to another one of the scenic spots in the island I would have loved to spend time with, if not for the distance.

Friday afternoon led me and a buddy to follow the urge to keep driving up on Capital Hill without a destination in mind when I saw the sign “Kingfisher Golf” beside the Ton Goru Snack House.

I told my buddy to follow the road. He hasn’t been to the area before kept on asking where we were going and I told him to just enjoy the scenery and keep on driving. He remarked that we seemed to be in one of Saipan’s under-developed remote areas. He was right, with only the electric posts and the paved roads as our sign of civilization.

Very soon, the road forked and I told my buddy to drive straight to Kingfisher Golf Links—a place which seems to exist on its own world.

Non-golfers may consider the place as out of the way and wouldn’t waste time and fuel to drive all the way there just to enjoy the greenery and the breathtaking views but there is something so relaxing and peaceful to this place that serves as a perfect getaway to break the routine of everyday life. We felt like we stepped into another dimension and Saipan is a long way away.

Opened in 1996, the Kingfisher Golf Links is snugly tucked away on a slice of Saipan’s lovely coastlines, offering an awesome view of gently rolling, well- trimmed golf courses, lush jungles, the Suicide Cliffs and Mt. Tapochao, and the vast blue sea and skies—a real delight to the senses.

We made our way down to my favorite spot in the area—an oval artificial murky pond with lots of fish swimming beneath the water weeds and plants.

Here, everything is so peaceful and quiet, the silence broken only by the occasional sounds of the golf carts, the distant roaring of the waves crashing on the rocky cliffs and the occasional drone of a passing airplane.

We took time snapping photos of anything and everything and wished that we had more time to really enjoy one of nature’s impressive showcases.

If it wasn’t that late, I would have loved to revisit the Hidden Beach beyond the Kingfisher Golf Links but we have to leave the car by the road and walk a short distance into the jungles to do that. Another time perhaps.

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