Escape to a secret garden

THERE is one secret spot which I consider a refuge when I want to get away from it all and just forget everything without driving far or spending anything.

Time and again, I find myself heading toward this spot in Garapan—at the Club Elan inside the Hyatt Regency just to listen to the relaxing sound of the splashing water cascading down from the a man-made falls and flowing to the swimming pool.

The way to the water falls through the reception area is an adventure itself—it is like venturing into a dimly lit stone cave which forks into two directions—one leads straight to the bar and one straight to the pool.

Here is one place where you can sit and daydream while staring at the cascading waters and listening to the soothing, therapeutic sounds for hours, and forget about daily deadlines, pressures and the routine of work.  It is one place where you can have a mini vacation for an hour or two without having to go far—one where you can watch butterflies flitting among the flowers and the birds flying around unafraid of people, where the cool breeze from the lush gardens will caress you and bring you to state of relaxed bliss, where you will sheltered from the scorching heat of the sun beating relentlessly outside.

If you want, you can sit at the bar and order your favorite drink or take it to the tables by the poolside and just relax and while away the time. I call it a secret spot because it is not visible to anyone who visits or passes by the hotel gardens. I have been one of the frequent visitors at the hotel gardens for the past four years as it is one of my favorite destinations for taking pictures of both natural and manmade attractions but I didn’t discover the waterfalls until late last year.

When the pressures get high, try to plot an escape to this secret garden to unwind and experience what wonders an hour or two will do for you. You’ll come back to work refreshed and there’s no need to book plane tickets, spend gas to drive anywhere or file a leave from work.

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