Conquering the Forbidden (Island)

Way out on the east coast of the island beyond the jungles and rugged terrains of Kagman, Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands juts out a small piece of rock that has continued to lure even the non-adventurous to try the tricky trails and conquer the forbidden.

This small spectacular plateau called Forbidden Island looks like a slice off the island of Saipan and pushed it a bit off the shore but there is more to this slab of rock than meets the eye.

A lot of tour agencies make a trip to the Forbidden Island one of their signature tours and no one will disagree that it is one of those must-not-miss places on Saipan, however, the trek is not for everybody.

For one, the rough road heading out to the Forbidden Island lookout is one thing that keeps a lot of people, especially those who don’t have four-wheel drive vehicles away. The lookout provides a breathtaking view of the Forbidden Island hundreds of feet below, with huge waves smashing against the rocky cliffs and the endless stretch of the blue water meeting the blue horizon, but the best adventures await when you dare to conquer the challenging terrains down to the Forbidden Island.

The hike is not easy and adventurers must be in good physical condition to be able to fully enjoy the adventure. You start off hiking in the Tangan-tangan jungles and the nearer you get to the island, the harder the trail gets. At some point, you have to hold on to ropes so you won’t make a fast descent and land dead on the rocks below but all these add up to the thrill of the adventure.

A small rocky beach provides picnickers the best place to rest and relax, or camp out for a night. This Marine Sanctuary offers stunning views, great snorkeling areas, hidden pools that you can have to yourself at most times, and a cave.

Going up to the Forbidden Island peak is a whole new set of challenges. You have to wade your way in the water when the tide is low to get to the island or risk the danger of being swept out to sea if you cross the waters when the tide is coming in. The trail-up is more dangerous than you think.

The name ‘Forbidden’ alone is enough temptation to entice people to go down and conquer the island, but for the daring. It is enough temptation to take a day off or book a ticket to visit Saipan but don’t ever underestimate this small slab of rock. It was named Forbidden for nothing. The number of lives claimed by the Forbidden Island is increasing.

Give in to the lure of the forbidden, but take precautions to be safe.!


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