Diving off at Taga Beach

TINIAN—The beach area is just actually a small cove hidden from sight by huge boulders beneath the view deck, but Taga Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Tinian.

39 DSC_7502_peLocated just a stone’s throw away from the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino, Taga Beach is an all-season favorite destination for kids and adults, locals and tourists.

What makes Taga Beach stand out from other beaches in the island is the jutting ledge bordered by a row of Taga Stone-shaped rocks, and the perfect jump off point for anyone who wants to make a perfect dive.

Stand by anytime of the day and you will see kids and adults diving into the crystal clear waters, especially late in the afternoons just a few minutes before the sun sets. Get ready with your camera or videocam and capture those priceless moments as kids and adults do summersaults and jump into the waters over and over again.

The beach area is accessible by going beyond the fence line and down several rungs of slippery cement stairs but where the cement stairs end is a crudely built ladder made of rusty shaking pieces of steel that will make anyone not adventurous enough cringe and go back.

The challenge in getting to the beach is worth it. A perfectly secluded cove with a patch of white sandy beach and crystal clear waters await you and will make you feel like it’s your own private beach, with waves rolling into the cove every few minutes. The beach is not ideal during high tide though because water fills up the small clearing.

Taga Beach is great for swimming and snorkeling.  As one of the most photographed beaches on Tinian, you would be surprised to learn that your photos will never be the same no matter how much you frequent the beach.

Taga Beach is also the best site to watch or capture photos of spectacular sunsets. The place is also one of the most popular picnic areas on island with cottages, tables and outdoor showers you can rinse from after swimming.

p22 rcb-islands 6-18-10.jpgOn stormy days, Taga Beach shows another side and loses its serene and peaceful atmosphere. It and becomes one dangerous, breathtaking sight with huge waves crashing way and above the cliffs.

If you happen to visit Tinian, don’t miss the chance to stop by Taga Beach, jump off from the edge or wade in the warm waters of the beach and experience for yourself why the beach is a favorite of many.

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