Breath-taking rides to Saipan’s hidden trails

polariz IMG_9780EXPLORING Saipan’s hidden jungles and rugged trails while strapped to your seat onboard a Polariz Razr is one of the must-not-miss experiences to get to know the island from a whole different perspective.

If you are not that adventurous and daring,   looking at the Polariz Razr with its irregularly shaped wheels will make you think twice before boarding one, but once you get behind the wheels of this powerful vehicle, , the thirst for adventure begins and you can’t help but crave for more.

Check out the jungle tours offered by Let’s Go Tour Company, the newest company on island to offer these ATV for jungle exploration. To get you started, staffers and tour guides will give visitors a chance to watch what the adventure is all about in a video presentation starting from how to buckle and unbuckle seatbelts, the speed and traffic rules drivers should follow among other things.

One of the most challenging tours to try is the Mt. Tapochao and the Hidden Forest trail. The real fun begins when you turn right and follow the road to Mt. Tapochao on Capital Hill for the hour or hour and a half experience of a lifetime.

polariz IMG_9788You will immediately notice the difference if you are driving your own car where you go slower and is careful to avoid rough and rocky portions of the road. With the Polariz Razr, you go straight for the deepest parts of the road, dive into ditches along the way and get your dose of thrill. It’s one ride where you hold your breath as the Polariz Razr whizzes through deep holes in the roads and yet you never feel any of the expected bumps, securely fastened to your seat and protected with helmet and goggles.

Halfway up to Tapochao, take the right turn that will lead you deeper into the jungle—a trail only a few knows about, like bikers and adventurers. The rocky road snaked its way up and down plateaus, with sharp twists and turns until you will come to your first pool of muddy water right in the middle of the road.

Get ready to plunge straight into the water and get everything wet, including your cameras. Before you can recover, another ditch comes up and there you plow through again, The second one is no longer that shocking but that is when you start to think of not caring anymore. You will want for more.

Let’s Go Tour Company never rent out the cars to anyone, but tourists and locals who want to get a ride must be accompanied by tour guides who will lead the group, while another staffer will take up the rear to monitor everyone.

polariz IMG_9785The Polariz cars are capable of racing up to Mt Tapochao at very high speeds but drivers are told not to exceed 10 miles per hour especially when passing through the residential areas.

To go for a Polariz Razr ride, wear long sleeve shirts or dress according to the weather. Athletic shoes or boots are advised, no open toed sandals or slippers. Put on sunscreen and prepare to get wet and muddy. If you are taking pictures, be sure to secure your cameras with appropriate covering if you don’t want it to be wet and covered in mud.

Other options are the North Island Tour which allows you to visit Banzai Cliff, Santati Trail, Bird Island, Kalabera Trail and Suicide Cliff from a totally different perspective, and the South Island Tour which covers the amazing scenic trails heading to Naftan.

Visit to try this gut-wrenching experience or for more information call 670-322-5387 or 670-322-4646.


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