Smiling Cove: favorite island hangout



FROM its old view with sharp and rusty pieces of steel sticking out along the water’s edge, the newly-paved walkway with protective bars at the Smiling Cove Marina has become one of the newest destinations for joggers and sunset watchers these days.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe long stretch of walkway at the Smiling Cove is an alternative to jogging along the Beach Road, although not as accessible but you can jog or run to your heart’s content with only the sound of the ocean and the wind as your backdrop music, a pleasant change from the whirring of engines from passing vehicles if you jog at the Beach Road.

The Smiling Cove is a favorite hangout in the island for many, and although I still love the old view before the seaside was paved, the development is a refreshing change.

The farthest end of Smiling Cove where a red miniature lighthouse is located is the best place to hang out. You can see Managaha Island from a distance and watch boats going in for the day, or going out for the night.

Cove DSC_7864_peOn windy afternoons, enjoy the feel of the strong winds blowing from the sea which threatens to blow you away, revel in the sight of the huge waves slapping and breaking against the huge stones and boulders yet left untouched by developments.

Cove DSC_7854Stressed from the daily routine of your work at the office? Unwind at the Smiling Cove sometime and notice the change it will bring. For a few minutes, forget about the incessant ringing of telephones, the glare of your computer monitor; forget about browsing through the 10,485 unopened mails in your inbox and get out from the confines of the four walls of your work place.

Cove DSC_7880_peDrop everything and take a long whiff of the salty tang of the ocean breeze. Watch the sun go down and disappear on the horizon, or the tourists boarding the boats for a sunset cruise along the bay. Experience what a few minutes’ drive down to the Smiling Cove can do to refresh your mind and body—for free.

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