King’s Well in Malacca

The King’s Well or Hang Li Poh’s Well is historical water well in Kampung Bukit China in Malacca City. It is the oldest water wells in Malaysia and is now one of the top tourist attractions in the city. The well sits right next to the Poh San Teng temple

At first glance, the well is just an ordinary well protected by cement walls all around it, until you read the story mounted on a plaque in the wall.

According to the story, the well was built in 1459 by Sultan Mansur Shah exclusively for his wife, a Chinese woman named Hang Li Poh. The well was known for the purity of its water and that it never dried up even during periods of very severe droughts. According to the folklore, whoever drinks from the well will return to Malacca.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kings-well-p1710833_pe2-2.jpg

The story continues that in 1511, Johore warriors poisoned the well, and many of the Portuguese who drank the water died. With the intention to kill off their enemies, the Dutch did the same thing in 1606, and the Achehnese followed in 1628.

The Dutch built the wall around the well and completed it with cannons and a guardhouse after they realized the importance but the well became dilapidated and abandoned when the British occupied Malaysia.

Now, the well top is covered with a screen and is now used as a wishing well for visitors to throw coins and make wishes.

The King’s Well is one of the main tourist attractions especially if you book the cultural heritage tours to Malacca or Melaka.

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