I slept in a crypt in Kuala Lumpur

I slept in between two guys last night, with another guy on top of me and yet another guy across from me. There was also a girl and another girl next to her. We were all strangers to each other and we all slept on crypts. And I survived unscathed.

When I say I survived a night in a ‘crypt,’ that is a big feat for a claustrophobic. I am talking about the capsule pods at the basement of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 in Malaysia.
It was kind of scary creeping into the pods but it is the nearest and most affordable option if you have a long stopover and you don’t want to travel the long way to the city.
There are separate sections for men, for women, and one for mixed. I didn’t pay much attention when I booked a capsule for 12 hours online and checked the mixed capsules instead.

Upon checking I was given a key to a locker where I left my luggage, my sandals, and my backpack. I was also given a digital key so I can go to my designated capsule and a blue tote bag which contained a pair of slippers, a small bottle of mineral water, a towel, and earplugs.

Each capsule has its own telephone, a small mirror on the wall, and outlets for your chargers. The only thing that provides privacy is a blind that you can pull all the way down and secure with a fastener. In a way that was comforting knowing no one can lock you up inside while asleep.
You can check in three, six, and 12 hours at the capsule. There are shared showers and bathrooms, and a Capsule Bar where you can drink or meet up with other people but if you are not planning to sleep at all, don’t waste your money to book a capsule at all.
The only downside to a capsule is if you need to use the restroom, you have to go out all the way to the bathroom past all the pods.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is malaysia-krypt-P1350559-2.jpg
I lacked sleep and was so tired and the soft white bed sheet, comforter and the two huge white fluffy pillows were so comfortable cozy I felt myself drifting off in no time, forgetting that I was in a confined space.
Then one guy climbed up the ladder by my capsule to the second deck. His companion crept into the pod next to mine. Then the two started talking like they were in their own house, not paying attention to the hissing that came from other sleepers at the other pods. They only stopped talking after somebody knocked on their
I set my iPad alarm to 6 a.m. so I could linger for 30 more minutes and then grab a shower before I check out. When my alarm went off, I stumbled to the bathroom, expecting it to be full but no one was there. I checked out at 9 am and learned that it was still 7 am. I forgot my iPad was set to Saipan time, two hours ahead of Malaysia time. I was so mad at myself because I was still so sleepy and those two precious hours would have made so much difference but it was too late and I was all set to go.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is P1350567.jpg

If you check-in at the Capsule Container Hotel, don’t forget to bring your room key each time you go out. You’re going to need it to go to the bathroom and back again to your capsule. If you need a wake-up call, there is an instruction sheet taped to the wall next to the telephone.  And oh, don’t leave your slippers outside your capsule. They all look alike and anyone can take them and you won’t want to walk barefoot in the place. Next time you need a place to sleep, check out https://www.capsuletransit.com.

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