My travel tripods

Tripods. It’s those bulky thingies with three legs and a revolving head. Who needs them while traveling?

If you’re taking photos and videos and want your shots to be better, you do. You definitely do. Yeah I know the hassle and the weight they add to your luggage, but the extra effort is worth it. In considering tripods for traveling, I had to go through a lot of tests and errors until I finally found “the one.”

I won’t go oooohing and ahhhing about the virtues of this Benro Aero 2 Aluminum travel tripod but here’s why I like it. It’s got all the basics—adjustable leg positions, a center column hook, can be folded into 20.5 x 5.1 inches which means it fits in my check in or even in my carry on luggage. It only  weighs 5.7 lbs. but it is sturdy enough to hold my camera even on a slightly windy day. Which also means it’s not heavier than me Yeyyy. 

Oh my ‘pod has a baby brother too. It’s the teeny weeny but sturdy Oben TT-100 table top tripod I can easily slip inside my backpack or pocket. It comes so handy when I capture video clips with my iPhone. It has also proven useful to watch movies from my phone especially during long layovers at various airports.

I use a very affordable tripod mount to attach my phone to the table top tripod. Check out the Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter smartphone holder clip and you’re good to go.









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