Sunset over the Saigon River


One of the most popular destinations for sunset lovers in Ho Chi Minh City (more popularly called Saigon) is the Thu Thiem Bridge in  Cầu Thủ Thiêm. There is a lookout on the side of the bridge over the Saigon River which gives people access to shoot the sunset reflections on the waters and skyscrapers as twilight turns everything into magical silhouettes.


From the bridge you can see speedboats going by, cargo boats, fishing boats as well as dinner cruise boats with passengers enjoying the riverside views.

If you would rather see the sunset from a boat, you have options to join a sunset dinner cruise around the Saigon River. These cruise boats will go under the Thu Thiem Bridge and it’s your chance to capture the people watching the sunset from the sides of the bridge.

I got the chance to shoot a not-so-spectacular sunset on this bridge recently with a friend and then walk from the bridge back to her 15th-floor apartment several blocks away. She walked too fast in her wedges I was left panting behind in my flat sandals. Who says life is fair 😀

The view from the bridge attracts various kinds of people who hang out to admire the spectacular Saigon skyline–couples, singles, tourists, locals, vendors with pushcarts and bicycles selling snacks and beverages, and people from all age brackets just to admire the view.

The bridge shakes as traffic continues to flow both ways on the bridge. If you want to capture your sunset, go early as the place fills up with sunset lovers.


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