My favorite travel Apps

Travel apps prove most helpful when you are travelling. Here are my top four most used travel Apps. If you don’t have any of these already, don’t forget to download them before your next trip.


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Google maps

Google Maps is my ‘bestest’ of best friends in travelling to anywhere, even just to the next block. If you installed Google maps in your phone, it’s like having the best navigation app available anywhere.

Google maps offer directions from anywhere to anywhere whether you want to travel by foot, car, public transportation, plane or on a bicycle. It gives you an estimate travel time from one point to another, and offers several route options like if you want to do the fastest, shortest or the most scenic route. If you know you’ll be out of internet, you can download specific maps and retrieve them when you need them. Want to know how near the nearest gas station, restaurant or burger place is? Ask Google Maps.


Uber has become the most popular ride sharing app used in over 80 countries. It is very handy especially when you’re traveling abroad or in a strange city and you need a ride from the airport to your hotel, vice versa.

Uber presents options of different cars and rates, depending on how big a car do you need. The best thing about Uber is you can track your driver’s location, and you can even leave feedback by giving your driver stars ratings on how the ride went.

With Uber, you pay with your credit card, you have a record of your trip and the car registration and driver, and giving a tip is optional.

The Calculator

The Calculator is another very useful travel app I had been using for the past couple of years. I mainly use The Calculator for a currency converter which is very helpful when travelling to different countries, and as a basic calculator. In addition to that, The Calculator has several other cool functions. It is also a scientific and a fraction calculator and performs several mathematical operations. You can also set up your favorite color from its over 70 themes. Ads pop up for the free version but you can always upgrade to premium membership for more features.

Google Translate

When you travel to different countries, Google Translate is a good friend to help you understand and get understood.

Google Translate provides translations between more than 100 different languages. It allows you to listen and mark your most used words or phrases that you can access when you’re not connected to the internet, or get results for single words that you need translated.

Google Translate also lets you draw or write on screen with your finger and translates it to whatever language you want, lets you take photos of signs and converts the images you took into translated text.


WiFi Map

WiFi access has joined the rank of the basic needs of men these days, and a travel essential. Not every destination however gives travelers free access to WiFi.

Allow the WiFi Map to send you notifications when you are using the App. The free WiFi Map gives you an extensive map of free networks with passwords as well as hints and tips uploaded by other users through crowdsourcing.






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