Taxiing around St. Thomas


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Getting around the scenic island of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands is best done by a taxi. Taxis offer the best unobstructed views of the island and it comes with the fresh scent of the sea.

There are no standard taxi types in St. Thomas. Although there are the regular taxis like sedans and minivans, the most popular and affordable ones are the vans and converted trucks or open air safari bus with open sides and long benches for seating, so there you are. Free natural aircon.

Taxis are the number one source for pickups and drop-offs around the entire island, and they can carry up to 26 passengers.

You share the taxi with the riding public, unless you hire them privately for a tour. Taxis usually wait outside the cruise port terminal, at the airport, outside the hotels and shops in Charlotte Amalie, and at popular beaches. They wait until they fill up before departing.

If you are used to driving on the left side of the road, (St Thomas’s adaptation of their Danish past)  you can rent a car to explore the island, otherwise, just hop on a taxi and enjoy. The roads around the island are a series of hairpin twists and turns and you have to focus on that and stay on the left side of the road at the same time.

There are no taxi meters so don’t expect one. The rates are per person per destination and are determined by the island’s taxi association.

If you are with a group, you might consider talking to the driver to agree on a particular rate before you board. There are fare tariffs posted on the taxi so you should know how much you are supposed to pay from point A to point B.rak003367 P1900785_pe

If you are a tourist, look out for the legitimate and licensed taxi vehicles before boarding one. The legitimate ones have a taxi placard on the roof of the vehicle, and the license plates indicate that they are operating as a taxi. Also look out for the driver’s ID or taxi license which is usually placed in plain view on the dash board. There are unlicensed taxi drivers who use their own vehicles to pick up passengers which you can ride at your own risk since they are not covered under the association.

Also take note, bags and luggage have an additional charge on the taxis, and another additional charge when you ride after midnight. Don’t forget to bring cash (yes your $US is accepted) as most of the taxis accept only cash. If you don’t have cash, advise the driver before you board the taxi. Check the taxi rates HERE 

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