Bathsheba’s Beach and Soup Bowl

They named it Bathsheba Beach, after the beautiful Queen Bathsheba, wife of King David in the Bible.

Bathsheba’s Beach and Soup Bowl

Stopping by on a windy, rainy day, the beach had a gloomy ambiance but it didn’t stop people from wading in the shallow part of the beach. The foaming waves attracted a couple of surfers.

I decided to play the ultimate coward and stayed safely on the main road, not wanting to get my flimsy slippers wet and muddy. Thanks to my zoom lens, I still managed to snap some shots of the beautiful coastline.

Located in the eastern coastline of Barbados, Bathsheba Beach and Soup Bowl is among the most popular beaches and a top destination for visitors and locals on the island.

Bathsheba’s Soup Bowl got its name from the foamy surf and its reputation of being one of the ultimate surfing destinations in the Caribbean.

Coastal view of Bathsheba’s Beach on a rainy day

The most consistent waves rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean makes the place a popular host to local and international surfing tournaments.

According to the local legends, Bathsheba bathed in milk to keep her skin beautiful and soft. The story goes that the white waters of Bathsheba Beach are rich in minerals and are said to resemble Bathsheba’s bath.

Bathsheba Beach with its beautiful boulders and dramatic rock formations makes the beach an instant attraction.


Here’s a warning though, watch out for dangerous riptides and undertows and only go swimming at Bathsheba Beach if you are with someone who is familiar with the beach.

If you don’t surf or swim, you can safely soak in the shallow waters of the inshore Bathsheba Pools just a few feet away from the shoreline.

For your convenience, there are open cottages, restrooms, and a big old restaurant serving local food available. There are guest houses, restaurants, and local rum shops along the eastern coast as well.

Check out Bathsheba Village, home to a small community of fishing folk in St. Joseph parish.

Big stones add more attraction to a coastal view at Bathsheba Beach, the eastern part of Barbados

To get to Bathsheba Beach and Soup Bowl, you can either drive your own/rented car or board the government-run public buses that run around the island at regular intervals.

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