About Me?

Hi, nice to meet you!

I started this blog years and years ago in different sites and just kept on evacuating and migrating from one site to another and yet into another site until I finally found this landing page.

This blog is all about traveling and taking photos on the go.  It’s all about old and new places, experiences and mishaps, adventures, and more misadventures.

I am hoping to encourage everyone to get out of the four corners of their cubicles and realize it’s a big wide world out there with so much to offer through the stories I tell and the random images of people and places and things I share.

Please have patience as I continue to update and upload content to many areas of the site. I know, it’s like starting a new blog all over again and it will be an ongoing process forever but you are all welcome to stay and click around. And come back for more!

Feel free to leave comments on the posts, shoot me an email, or follow my adventures here.