Bathsheba’s Beach and Soup Bowl

They named it Bathsheba Beach, after the beautiful Queen Bathsheba, wife of King David in the Bible. Bathsheba's Beach and Soup Bowl Stopping by on a windy, rainy day, the beach had a gloomy ambiance but it didn't stop people from wading in the shallow part of the beach. The foaming…

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A quick glimpse of Placencia, Belize

Take a quick peek at this quaint fishing village called Placencia, located at the very tip of the Placencia Peninsula, southern Belize. The village is known for its 4,000-foot narrow main street which is only for pedestrians.

Placencia is accessible by air or land from Belize City, as well as by ferry from Harvest Caye, a neighboring island.

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Hungry in New Delhi

I'm usually open to new adventures while traveling, but my taste buds are not as daring and much slower to adapt to new and strange flavors. A couple of years back, a bus unloaded me and a buddy along with a bus full of passengers on the roadside at the outskirts…

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Of bikini strings and wardrobe malfunctions

The next thing I knew, my bikini strings got loose and started to dangle down my thigh. There were no restrooms around and I wasn't about to just go into any restroom so I tried to ignore it Wardrobe mishaps that occur while traveling comes in all forms and locations, and…

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Crossing time zones

If there’s one thing I miss most after the Corona Virus literally closed airports and cut off traveling to different places early this year, it’s that feeling of confusion you get after crossing different time zones.

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Language Barriers

Street shot of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Language barrier is one of the biggest challenges in traveling, but it also provides some of the funniest and most unforgettable experiences anywhere you go. One time I joined a group of strangers in northern Thailand for a day trip to the Great Triangle,…

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And more hotel tales

Time froze, and from my upside-down view, I saw a guy staring at me with his key suspended in his hand and his mouth hanging open in total shock. Everyone has hotel stories to tell, and they all vary from funny to embarrassing to unforgettable. I was staying in a hotel…

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